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We are more than an organization, we are a family and together we will help you create the journey of a lifetime. See how we inspired us and how much we’ve grown.

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Let us connect you with cultural tours that travel over history and time.

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Exquisite views and relaxing abiance will allow you to relax and enjoy the moment.

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Be a part of our community through volunteer opportunities and, social events and parties.

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In a city with exceptional wineries and mysteriously delicious and well-balanced culinary science, you’re sure to enjoy many culinary experiences.

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Follow the entertainment trends. Visit our music and festivals.

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Create your own journey of discovery with us as we take you through beautiful sceneries and exciting tours today.

8-Day, 7-Night Itinerary: Dive Deep into Porto & Lisbon

Embark on an 8-day journey through Porto and Lisbon, diving deep into the regions' rich heritage, with a special emphasis

6 Days & 5 Nights: Lisbon Exploration with a Touch of Wine, Culture, and History

Dive deep into the heart of Lisbon, a city that pulsates with tradition, modernity, and vivacity.

6-Day, 5-Night Group Adventure in Paris

Step into the vibrant mosaic of Paris! From its rich tapestry of diverse souls to mesmerizing views, every corner holds

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Thank you to everyone who helps facilitate this lovely building of community. We have experienced nothing but open arms on our scouting trips and look forward to seeing everyone when we return next month. Many blessings!
Christina Peters
Thank you so much for this event, I was so happy to hear you’ll be planning more events like this. I will certainly be returning to Lisbon and I’m glad a community like this exists. Thank you.
Jasmine Turner
I just want to say it was nice seeing others yesterday and I thank you for introducing me to Jess and Mariah. They’re lovely company and made me feel welcomed.
Patience P
It was a wonderful time! Thank you Heather!!! Glad I came out and met the community.
Kathy Hampton

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We are creating a vibrant community in Portugal

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