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Established in 2022, with its operational base in Lisbon, “Black in Portugal” has steadily transformed into a reliable hub for visitors, potential relocators, and residents of Portugal. Our esteemed founder, Heather Courtney Proctor, commonly known as Heather Courtney, perceived the pressing need for a nurturing community. Before her Portuguese journey, Heather resided in Merida, Mexico, which boasted a thriving black expatriate community. Upon considering relocation to Portugal, she recognized a stark void: there were no dedicated events or meetups to facilitate community discussions or even a platform like the Facebook group “Black 2 Portugal” where one could seek advice on assimilating into Portugal’s culture or navigating its terrains. Heather’s relocation to Portugal on August 27, 2021, marked the inception of a profound mission. Echoing the words of a dear friend, “If the community doesn’t exist, you have to create it”, she commenced her endeavor to weave a tight-knit community. Just a week post her arrival, Heather orchestrated a brunch—a modest gathering of 11 women. This intimate meetup was the catalyst for what burgeoned into a robust community, which is now boasting over 20,000 members and followers including representation of over 21+ countries. The exponential growth, realized between September and December 2021, eventually led to the christening of the name “Black in Portugal” with a previous co-founder.

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