Welcome to Black In Portugal, Inc.! We are so happy you’re here.

Black in Portugal,Inc was created to build community— bringing together travelers, expats, and the local Portuguese community to provide a soft space for each group to land. Founded by Heather Proctor and Kamra Clemons, the group serves as a resource to the community by providing support to expats to ease their transition, hosting regular events and meet ups, and highlighting black owned businesses in Portugal. Our full team includes Ashley Osborne, Event Manager, and Anna Sanders, Marketing Manager. Together, all 4 women have been curating experiences and serving the community since arriving to Portugal.

In a matter of months, BIP grew into a movement of over 14k+ members.  We have had over 15+ events that have brought together over 800+ members from our communities that represent over 20+ different countries.

Here at Black In Portugal, Inc., we are driven by community and lead with an open and collaborative mindset. We hope to see you at one of our events, interact with you within our online community, or partner with you to bring an event or experience to life!