Things I’m Doing to Save Money Abroad | Compulsive & Impulsive shopping habits |

So, I feel like I have wasted money buying stuff in that moment, I’m just like “Yes!” I’m going to make something with this but then I end up actually not making anything with it and it sits on my shelf for a long time. I got a whole bunch of Jiffy Mix when I went back home in the states, in November. I brought back six different boxes of Jiffy Mix and that was in November.

Getting Phone Service in Portugal | Settling into Portugal | Life Abroad

It was hard to get a new phone. I was there for a very long time, they didn’t have the phone till I ordered them. They came in and I looked at the paper and I noticed an extra charge they said that they charged 23% tax on the cost of the iPhone Not only was I paying monthly installments, but I was also charged 23% of $1,600 because I had the iPhone 15 Pro

Preparing My Moms D7 Portugal Visa 2024 | Life in Portugal | Retired

A D7 Visa is commonly known as the passive income Visa or retirement Visa. I am on a D7 Visa myself since I am retired. I’ve been retired since 2016 and it was kind of pretty simple just to do this process. There weren’t any hard documents I needed to get. Everything was on my pension website and my bank websites. The process was simple but getting to the process was very stressful.

Moving to Portugal with Pets? | Read this and Take Notes | Life in Portugal with Pets

Having pets here is very much more affordable than in the US. I feel like the quality care that I have received and the hospitality from the vet’s office, they called, they sent emails asking how Kitty and Ben are doing, with that type of care I feel like I did not have at any other vet offices in the United States at least not in Northwest Florida.