Five Best Towns to Visit in Northern Portugal in 2024

Picture this: Cobblestone streets, lined with picturesque houses adorned with colourful facades. Sounds peaceful, right? That’s what the northern city of Guimaraes feels like.  It’s got charming squares, such as Largo da Oliveira and Praça de Santiago. You’re going to love this place, if you’re keen on leisurely strolls and people-watching. 

Five Best Travel Backpacks for Women on a Trip in 2024 

When picking a travel backpack for women, aesthetics are nice to have, but a lot of consideration has to go to their durability, functionality, and value for money as well. We’ve tested numerous options on the market, and have come up with the five best travel backpacks for women.

Explore Santarém Municipality Portugal in 2024

Luckily, there is one city in Portugal where your curiosity can flourish. Santarem Municipality happens to be a destination that’s easy to miss on popular travel itineraries, but you’d be glad you didn’t when you visited. 

Visit Castelo Branco in 2024

At heart, this city is all about delicate Portuguese embroidery. It doesn’t shy from showing you meticulous care and craftsmanship in its traditional Portuguese pavement, known as “calçada”. The intricate ornamental motifs found in Castelo Branco’s stunning embroideries are mirrored in the intricate designs adorning its streets. If you can raise your gaze, the central Cargaleiro Museum presents unparalleled paintings by Cargaleiro himself.

Why You Should Visit Alcobaca in 2024… At Least Once

Alcobaça is renowned as a haven for aficionados of confectionery delights. If you make it down here, you’ve got to indulge in the convent-based sweets, with the “cornucópias” ranking among the quintessential treats in the world today.

Faro Might Be Your Summer Travel Antidote in 2024

In all honesty, Faro likely isn’t going to be top of many travelers’ must-visit Portuguese destinations in summer. Lisbon and Porto are far more popular choices, and that’s fine for the most part. But these bigger cities lack a little bit of something – a tranquil summer experience, if you may. Due to their popularity, […]

Things I’m Doing to Save Money Abroad | Compulsive & Impulsive shopping habits |

So, I feel like I have wasted money buying stuff in that moment, I’m just like “Yes!” I’m going to make something with this but then I end up actually not making anything with it and it sits on my shelf for a long time. I got a whole bunch of Jiffy Mix when I went back home in the states, in November. I brought back six different boxes of Jiffy Mix and that was in November.