Darmel Hudson’s Migration Story and Timeline

The starting point of any major decision is to make a plan. You can start by making a list of your needs, wishes, and absolute deal breakers here. It’s called your “criteria set.” Feel free to use this as a template by adding or taking away from the bullet points as you need to for your journey.

A New Chapter_Trading London’s Hustle for Lisbon’s Charm

Weather was a major factor but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The pandemic was harrowing in numerous ways, but it also revealed a fundamental truth about our jobs when stripped of the perks—free coffee, post-work drinks, and Christmas parties. What remained was the essence of our work, laid bare. In a country like the UK, this revelation started to feel oppressively dismal.


Behind the surface of its touristic draw, Aveiro has a deep sense of community. Living here since October 2022, I have sensed and experienced a welcoming embrace that sparks more of my love for the city and Portugal as a whole.

Traveling to Portugal with a Pet

All of these steps are required before arriving at the airport and for check-in. Airlines require you to present your pet so they can ensure they meet the age, size, and weight restrictions so give yourself ample time to present your pet and go through security. You will also be required to present the signed USDA health certificate. 

Why Parque das Nações?

The feel of Parque das Nações is very cosmopolitan and contemporary. Real estate is at the higher end. It does not have the charm and character of older sections of Lisbon, but for those who enjoy living in an area that’s well developed and well organized, with beautiful modern European architecture, Parque das Nações has tons to offer.

Soulful Summers 2 Remember

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I started out with a little research on what songs I was vibing to the most and created my “Tour List”. Here’s a recap of some of the amazing styles and sounds I encountered when I started my soulful summer, AfroMusic Tour

Parque das Nações (Expo) 

Transportation is easy and abundant in the area. We have the 728 bus that stops literally outside the door of our building and this will go towards Belem and the Jeronimo Monastery passing by the Praça do Comércio and Cais do Sodre areas. Going in the other direction we can get to the nearby Oriente Station which has buses, the metro, and trains.

Finding Liberation

What do you want? What do you seek? You are not serving yourself or the world if you choose to play small. You are the only one who can speak to and for your desires. You are the only one who can create this more liberated life for you.

Why Portugal? 

Portugal has been everything I dreamed of for my son. Yes, there are a few drawbacks to living here, but the pros far outweigh the cons.  

The peace of mind in knowing that I can focus on nurturing, loving, teaching, and watching him develop and grow, minus the worry and anxiety over what might happen to him when he steps out the door… has been the biggest reason for my “Why?”