Euro Portuguese vs. Brazilian Portuguese: Get the 411 Before Jetting Off to Lisbon


Thinking of adding Portuguese to your list of #LanguageGoals? Cool, but here’s the tea:
Brazilian and European Portuguese? They are not exactly twins. If Portugal is on your radar, here’s what you have to know to keep things at 100.

What’s the Diff?

Sounds & Vibes: Brazilian Portuguese? Think open and rhythmic – like a samba. European Portuguese? A bit more muffled and chill, kind of like your favorite indie track. Take “televisão” (television). In Brazil, it hits like ‘te-le-vee-SOWN’, but in Portugal? It’s more ‘telle-vi-SAO’.

Formal vs. Chill: Brazil is all about ‘você’ for ‘you’. Portugal? They have both ‘tu’ (casual) and ‘você’ (a tad formal). And yep, this tweak changes up the verb game.

Words That Switch Up: Some words straight-up change. In Brazil, you’d catch a “trem” (train), but in Portugal, you’d hop on a “comboio”. Thirsty in Rio? It’s “suco” (juice) time. In Lisbon? Ask for “sumo”.

Must-Know Phrases for Your Portugal Vibes:
Hello: Olá
Thank You: Obrigado (for the dudes) / Obrigada (for the ladies)
Sorry: Desculpe

Do you vibe with English?: Fala inglês?
I don’t understand.: Não percebo.
Where’s the…?: Onde fica…?

App Real Talk 📱:

Learning Portuguese for a Portugal vacay? Some apps are lowkey teaching you Brazilian
vibes. Duolingo, I’m looking at you.
For that authentic Euro-Portuguese feel:
Memrise: Straight-up European Portuguese vibes here.
Practice Portuguese: Perfect for those who’ve passed the basics.
Pimsleur European Portuguese: For when you wanna deep dive.
For on-the-fly translations? Google Translate’s got your back. If you’re looking for another translation MVP, definitely check out DeepL – it’s a game-changer for accuracy.

Wrap Up:
Brazilian and European Portuguese may sound like distant cousins at times, but with the right prep, you’ll be vibing with the locals in Portugal in no time. Grab the right tools, sprinkle in some dedication, and you’re golden. Ready to slay that Portuguese game?

Boa sorte (that’s “good luck”)! 󰐨🎉🍷

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