Evora is the Perfect Portuguese Location to be for Summer 2024

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Thinking of heading to Mykonos and Ibiza for summer this year? We’ll do you one better, and it’s going to wow you. It’s Evora, Portugal, a city that so effortlessly blends a rich history with vibrant, modern scenery. 

The city isn’t just another pretty face; it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Roman ruins, Moorish architecture, and a tantalizing food and wine culture to boot. So, if you’re looking to swap crowded beaches for a dash of culture and a whole lot of charm, Evora is your summer 2024 destination. Trust us, your Instagram feed (and your soul) will thank you!

About Evora

Evora sits at the heart of Alentejo, Portugal, itself perfectly positioned between Lisbon and Spain’s Extremadura region. This is a prime location for Evora, as it’s an excellent base for travelers seeking to explore the wider Alentejo region – cities and all.

Moreover, Evora looks to be the “sweet spot” stop for travelers either journeying between the Algarve and Northern Portugal, or those heading from Lisbon to Spain. Stay a day or two here, and you get to capture moments like this beautiful sky over the remarkable Aqueduto da Água de Prata.

But this city isn’t all show and no go. Evora stands as a testament to Portugal’s historical prime, especially after the devastating Lisbon earthquake of 1755. That means you still get to see the city’s white houses, with its intricate tiles and charming balconies. This style has also found its way across the Atlantic, inspiring the design of Portuguese cities in Brazil, like Salvador da Bahia – talk about an influential city!

Exploring Evora

We’d recommend that you start sight-seeing in the city with historical sites like the Colégio do Espírito Santo and the captivating “Fresco Route”. It’s to really get that baseline glimpse into Evora’s baroque period.

From there, you’d quickly realize that Evora’s cultural attractions don’t remain in the past. In recent years, Evora has witnessed a surge in the establishment of museums and diverse cultural points of interest, making it an appealing destination especially during summer.

The city pulsates with artistic energy, and we’re sure you’ll pick some of it in no time. You get to explore venues like the stunning Teatro Garcia de Resende hosting a variety of events spanning theater, puppetry and popular orchestras. Additionally, the Conservatório Regional de Évora and Eborae Música frequently organize classical music performances.

Other Attractions

  1. Visit the Megalithic Circuit in Evora

Ever seen megalithic monuments before? The outskirts of Evora and the wider central Alentejo region boast a remarkable collection. This prehistoric treasure trove is among the most significant on the Iberian Peninsula – nay, all of Europe. 

That’s why Evora is considered the capital of Iberian megalithic culture, with a designated Megalithic Circuit of its own.

After taking a restful night in Evora, it’s best to embark on a scenic drive through the surrounding countryside to discover some of Europe’s oldest monuments, dating back to the Early Neolithic period (5500-4500 BC). 

The Evora district alone boasts over 10 megalithic enclosures, more than 100 isolated menhirs, approximately 800 dolmens, and nearly 450 megalithic settlements. About 100 rocks in these settlements have dimples on them, the purpose of which is still shrouded in mystery – try getting such in Ibiza!

  1. Go Skydiving at the Evora Airport

Here’s another reason for you to visit Evora for summer: the excellent weather conditions make it an ideal opportunity for skydiving. If we’re being honest, weather is no object in this city, as far as skydiving is concerned. 

It’s why Evora is home to a skydiving school and the headquarters of the Portuguese Skydiving Federation. But that’s not all: You must know that skydiving in Lisbon is not possible due to its proximity to the international airport, so Evora’s favorable weather and accessible location is an alternative travelers will be all too glad to pick for the activity. 

Generally, skydiving in the city – or anywhere, really – isn’t just about the adrenaline rush; it’s a chance to experience the freedom and exhilaration that only birds typically enjoy. At Evora Airport, you get to experience that when you go skydiving.

  1. Appreciate the Finest Alentejo Handicrafts at the Museu do Artesanato e do Design de Évora

The Museu do Artesanato e do Design de Évora (Handicraft and Design Museum of Evora) and the city’s numerous handicraft shops showcase a wide array of beautiful pieces. You’ll notice a particular emphasis on objects crafted from clay, iron, cork, leather, and horn. 

Besides that, you’ll find tableware, lace, embroidery, tapestry, and traditional Alentejo furniture that further enrich the collection. This is the sort of location that offers visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich artistic heritage the most.

Bottom Line

Evora is more than just a summer fling, a quick stop-over on your way to Lisbon or the bigger cities; it’s a whole experience waiting to be had. And we think this city doesn’t ask for much: If you could give it two days, Evora promises an unforgettable summer experience that will linger in your heart long after you’ve returned home. 

So, ditch the mainstream tourist summer traps and embrace a more memorable experience in Evora.

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