Here is Your Child-Proof Guide to Portugal Travel with Kids in 2024


Kids are quite the wonderful bunch: they do get on your nerves sometimes, but it’s lovely to have them around now and then. Even better is when you’ve got the kids around for the holidays – means a family vacation trip might be on the cards. Lovely!

But where would you be taking the little ones this year? We’ve got just the perfect idea, and it’s Portugal.

From its castles to beaches, this sunny country in Europe is full of fun for the whole family. So pack those bags, grab the kids, and get the adventure going!

Why a Portugal Travel with Kids Makes Sense in 2024

There are a plethora of reasons to visit Portugal, but if you’re planning a trip with the kids and the rest of the family, you’d want to know if the country takes that into account.

And we’ve got great news on that: Families – and the very idea of family – are cherished in Portuguese society, making it a welcoming place for everyone. You could feel the warmth everywhere. Parents with younger children or expectant mothers are always given priority in supermarket lines and on public transport. 

What’s more, breastfeeding in public is met with warm smiles rather than cold side glances. Even in bustling main cities like Lisbon, it’s common to see tweens and teens confidently navigating public transport alone, a testament to the country’s child safety culture. 

To sum up, Portugal is the perfect destination for family adventures. With over 300 days of sunshine and the most delightful weather in all of Europe, you’d be most inclined to agree as well.

Places to Visit in Portugal with the Kids

Upon touching down in Portugal with the family, we think you’ll be stumped on where to visit first. There are so many magical spots in the country, with even more captivating sights and sounds in store. But not to worry, here are a few Portuguese destinations to kickstart the adventure:


Lisbon is our first pick of places to visit in Portugal with the kids for all the right reasons. For starters, it’s a big city perfect for the “home base” on your multi-day family exploration of Portuguese destinations. It’s got great accommodation options with kid-friendly fixtures, toddler gear, and lots of play space.

Then there are scenic locations you can see, both day and night. A great suggestion is Commerce Square – perfect for an evening stroll with the family after dinner. 

Arouca 516 Suspension Bridge, Porto

Just outside of Porto in the Arouca Geopark – a UNESCO Global Geopark, by the way – hangs the Arouca 516. It’s the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, stretching 516 meters (1,693 feet) across and standing 175 meters (574 feet) above the Paiva River. 

Crossing this bridge could be quite an exciting challenge for the kids (and adults too!). If you’re one of those who prefer to keep their feet on solid ground, the park also offers the Passadiços do Paiva. It’s a scenic 8-kilometer (5-mile) wooden walkway that follows the Paiva River – a less daunting trail, though filled with stairs. 

On the whole, this spot provides a safe and enjoyable hike for families with particularly energetic kids.

The Algarve Region

Visiting the Algarve region gives you the opportunity to explore Portugal with the family from north to south. We recommend going on a road trip as it’s the best way to explore this part of the country. 

Although wild camping is no longer permitted in Portugal, the country has a vast network of budget-friendly campsites along the way that provide all the basic amenities you might need. Many even feature playgrounds and cafes. For instance, Peniche’s municipal campground offers standard amenities, a great location, and remarkably low rates. On the other hand, Salema Eco-Camp in the Algarve offers an extensive pirate-ship playground, multiple restaurants, and live music nights, all at a higher price tag.

Other Details to Note

While there’s so much to see in Portugal, there are some other key details you might need to better enhance the experience. 

Public Transport is More Economical

In the cities, public transportation is both convenient and affordable, making it the most economical way to get around Portuguese cities. You also have the option of rideshare and taxi services to cover any gaps along the way. 

However, outside the urban areas, you might have to rent a car to reach the best national parks and most stunning beaches in the country. But that won’t be a problem on the whole, as driving in this small and safe country is almost stress-free.

Pack for Temperature Drops

Portugal is a relatively cool country with warm sunshine. The gist of it is that the days can get hot while nights and mornings are quite chilly. To keep your kids comfortable, pack an extra clothing layer they can add or remove as the temperature rises and drops throughout the day.

Take Extra Care of Toddlers

The only drawback to an otherwise perfect family getaway experience in Portugal are the sidewalks. If you’re planning a Portugal travel with kids as a parent, you must know that Portuguese sidewalks aren’t stroller or toddler-friendly. That’s thanks to their steep hills, bumps, and narrow width.

As such, you’d want to take the extra precaution of carrying or strapping the toddlers along. Thankfully, the family-centric local culture you’d find in the country will make this a lot less stressful than it sounds.

Wrapping Up

Our legs are firmly on the ground when we say Portugal is one of the best travel destinations in Europe right now. That status doesn’t change if you’ve got kids making the trip with you. A Portugal travel with kids is just as delightful, with very little compromises along the way.

Our guide helps you prepare for that experience and gives you an idea of how to plan all the exploring and sightseeing around the little ones. Book a trip today, and gift your family an unforgettable Portuguese travel magic!

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