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Hey guys welcome back to Unconventional itinerary this morning I woke up and I was just like “What?! I don’t recall seeing any videos highlighting local black establishments here in Lisbon!” and because I’m always going to places talking to local owners trying to bridge the gap and build community here, I was like; let me highlight some of the black-owned businesses that I have gone to so let’s get into it.

So if this is your first time here, my name is Heather Courtney, and I have been living in Lisbon for two years now, I’m one of the founders of black and Portugal and what I find often in our Facebook Community LINK is that people are asking “What are some black-owned establishments that I can go to?” “where can I go?” Where can I eat at?” “What’s there to do?” and I kind of feel like it’s the same places being shared over and over again and there’s nothing wrong with that but there’s also a bunch of amazing other black establishments here in Lisbon.

I recently wrote an e-book for people who are traveling to Lisbon and want alternative things to do other than touristy things and included in that ebook, I have at least 67 plus black-owned establishments here in Lisbon.

I have not gone to every last single one of them but I have gone to a majority of them. So building Community here is very very important to me. As an expat living in a foreign country, I want to support the local Portuguese as a whole but I also want to support the black establishments here. We frequent so many establishments but it’s kind of hits different when you get to know the owners. You come in, you bring your friends, you’re telling people about it and that’s what I wanted to do here. With that being said I am going to share several places that I think you should check out, if you’re interested in all the places that I have, you should consider purchasing my ebook here.

So, let’s talk about food, I love food, y’all know I love food. If you watch my personal Instagram page and one thing that I found here is that I love the African food that’s here. I’ve never had a lot of African food in the U.S. I may, once or twice but here it’s just like wow! they’re everywhere there are so many amazing places that you can eat so one of the first places I’m going to mention is called Rotoviva.

1. Roda Viva

It’s a Mozambique and spot, it’s located in the old Alfama square and it’s down like a little narrow walkway and you go in there and Shamba who is the owner is so nice and welcoming. With the list of food that they have, it’s almost a vegan Cuisine. So many different options from prawns, chicken, salads, different Rice, and curries. So you do have a wide range of options especially if you do not eat meat or you’re a pescatarian or you’re a vegetarian, check out all these places that I am mentioning. I have done reels for the most part most of them, which are already published on the black and Portugal Instagram page. Some of them are in the q2p published so by the time you’re reading this just about 90 percent should be up and published from a reel that I made. Check out Roda Viva here

2. Chevive

The second multi-vegan spot that’s really, really good is called “Chevive” The owner Edner is also very welcoming. At both of these multi-vegan spots, I will say I love the Franco Zamba Ziana. They’re made totally two different ways and one of my mostly beacon friends brought me a cookbook. His place is located as well near Marcus Dupont ball and Slovenia kind of like in the middle area. He also has an amazing menu with amazing options, different pork, chicken, beef, and vegetarian options. So definitely check it out if you do go let me know in the comment section or if you have been let me know as well. I love to see who has been to these two places. Check out Chevie here

3. The Fam Kitchen

The fam kitchen is Cape Verdean-owned, Anna and her family are also amazing. I had a black Tech dinner there and we truly enjoyed ourselves there were about I think nine or ten of us at this dinner, and everybody ordered different dishes from vegetarian to meat, I literally had two starters; a main dish, and a bite of a dessert. I actually ordered maybe too much food but everything I had was amazing, it was appealing to the eyes, the smells, the Aromas, and the quickness of the orders for such a large group. I truly appreciate you they were working, the desserts were amazing as well. Anna brought us about four or five different desserts and we were all able to try. Some people purchased something else but the hospitality is top-notch, being able to support a family-owned business, something that’s being passed down, hits different and shows that you care and support their food and their culture. Check out The Fam Kitchen here

4. Rum & Tickles

5. Dede’s Cafe

So the next place I’m going to talk about is two places, two locations, two places, this place is called Dede’s Cafe. I went there unfortunately Ricardo was not there when I went. He was on holiday but I went, I had a smoothie, and I had a chicken club sandwich with a friend. It’s aesthetically pleasing Dede’s Cafe has two locations, the location I went to was attached to the Gladstone which is also a black-owned membership gym and the other location is close by but that is a stand-alone location. I will say walking in it was very soothing, it was very peaceful, there were plants, it wasn’t too loud and the staff was very friendly.

I did appreciate that the food pricing was good, It did feel a little bit healthy nothing was, fried everything seemed very very fresh.

This location is also located outside of Estrella Park, so both locations do close early according to Google but you can always go to the park which is right outside, and just race The Greenery Shuttle Park. It is really big. They have a kiosk there as well, also support Dede’s Cafe, it is great to go to. Check out Dede’s Cafe here.

So now that we have talked about food, let’s talk about Adija. Adidja studio is located close to Anjos and into tents Metro station, across from Pino de France. I think that area is called Hoyish and she is simply amazing. We just had a Pilates and wine event, she is a licensed physiotherapist, she also does deep tissue massages she has Pilates classes, she specializes in maternal care as well when it comes to stretching and physiotherapy. I was just at her place yesterday getting a deep tissue massage and I feel amazing so I’m about to leave for Spain for a month and I just think that you should check her out, she’s very responsive, she’s very knowledgeable and she definitely will get all your kinks out. She will tell you why does this feel like this and explain everything to you. She has a cute little spot, she has a an indoor space and she also has an outdoor space if you guys didn’t catch the newest reel that I just posted on the black and Portugal page about Studio Adija, I actually did two reels, I did a first real about our studio and then I did another reel about our Pilates and wine event that we just had. So if you have a sports medicine injury or you just need some stretching out or just want to support a local pilates class come check her out next.You can check her out here


Now for my art lovers, I have been to the National Geographic Museum here in Lisbon by Rosio station. I noticed that their African art was just very minimal and it kind of felt like the same art pieces that are at non-black establishments that collect African Art. I don’t know why they all seem to have the same mask like everything’s the same but I stumbled across this gem called the African Arte Lisboa. It’s actually right next to my favorite Taco spot Pastalia. If you love authentic Mexican tacos stop by Pastalia right next door. So I went to this place, this Art Museum, and I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve seen the pictures but didn’t know walking into it would be such a great experience. Now the owners which I honestly cannot remember their names for the life of me were so welcoming. They picked out certain pieces and told us the history, and what they represented, and I did truly appreciate that. I went with a friend, we were there for like almost three hours talking to them they had plenty of books and they were explaining everything. We looked through the books, some books were in English some books were in Portuguese but I loved the fact that they had a variety from all areas of Africa not just Ghana or South Africa they had books from everywhere and it was just truly amazing. They had huge pieces they had tiny pieces, Everything’s been made, they had like these beautiful fish, it was just wonderful.

If you are looking for a cultural experience and you love art that you can also purchase please check them out I’m actually hosting an event there at the end of October. I’m actually headed there today as well to just solidify some things, it is going to be the art museum presentation and then we are going to go get food after at a local African restaurant which is also listed in my book of 65 Plus black establishments here in Lisbon So that is going to be a great event if you’re going to be here in October.

6. Loja Assim do meu Jeito

I’m actually going to write another article on this or maybe a reel. I did make a reel last year, about where to get black hair products from. People are always asking “Oh they have this?” “they have that?” They have Carol’s Daughter, Shea Moisture, Cantu, they have that out here but, the place I went to was at Columbus bus station and they were just vendors not black-owned, but this place I’m going to today which is located very close to me in the South Rios Metro train station, it’s a black-owned shop which has plenty of black hair products and I’ve only seen pictures. I’m going to do a reel today and talk to the owner. The name of the place is called Loja Assim do meu jeito. You can check them out here.

Another black-owned place where you can go get your hair products if you don’t want to go to Colombo mall and deal with people, check them out also. I hope that this gave you an idea of some places to check out if you guys want some more, put it down in the comment section, or if you know any places that you think I should cover put it down the comment section. I’m thinking about doing these once a month because I meet a lot of people and we’re reconnected with the local community. I tried to sell my support, I tried to highlight all these other black-owned business places. Also, be on the lookout, I am planning the Thanksgiving dinner, I know I hosted one the first year I was here, and it was amazing. I helped cook last year, we were not able to this year. I’m bringing it back and I hope to be in the kitchen cooking as well. I have a busy day today I am going to the Black Beauty Spot I just told you about and then I have a nail appointment, I’m going by another Jamaican public spot called Yaad for lunch. Hitting a lot of places today but thank you guys for reading, I know this was a little bit long, but if you like what I’m doing definitely like And subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to support me and black and Portugal. I’m doing this all by myself, buy me a coffee here. I will check with you guys in the next one bye!

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