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My Self-guided AfroMusic Tour

Lisbon is a melting pot of global sounds and seasoned rhythms, heavily influenced by its African and Brazilian roots. The AfroMusic scene here is thriving, and it’s an experience like no other! I arrived in October 2021, but at the start of the Spring of 2022, I decided to create my own self-guided, “AfroMusic Lisbon Tour” and it was an unforgettable experience. I started with a little research on what songs I was vibing to the most and created my “Tour List”. Here’s a recap of some of the amazing styles and sounds I encountered when I started my soulful summer, AfroMusic Tour:

  • Kizomba: A romantic dance music genre from Angola, with a slow, sensual rhythm. It’s not “dirty dancing” but it sure is close! Lol! I attended a few Kizomba events to learn the dance at the Kizombada Festival, Mwangole, and BLeza.  There are even classes you can take to brush up before you go out for the night.
  • Semba: A lively dance music genre from Angola, with a fast, energetic tempo.
  • Kuduro: A fast-paced electronic dance music genre from Angola, with a catchy beat and repetitive lyrics.
  • Batida: A genre of electronic dance music that originated in Portugal, with a strong African influence.
  • Afro-house: A genre of house music that incorporates African elements such as percussion, rhythms, and vocals. I’m a little biased on my favorite song right now…but with good reason! “wink” Homeboyz ‘new EP ONIJA is on repeat these days.  

Events & Festivals

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With year-round events and festivals happening all throughout Portugal, I only attended a handful of them along with several local live music venues in Lisbon and the Algarve. I may resume the tour in 2024 to attend other festivals, but I was consistently blown away by the talent and passion of the musicians and artists I have seen so far. I danced and expanded my musical palate for Amapiano and Afrobeats after attending Afronation; the largest festival I’d ever attended. It was 3 days, 30+ artists, and a sea of beautiful black people from around the world enjoying music on the shores of the Algarve – PRICELESS!  I can’t say that I’ll ever do THAT festival again…but it was certainly worth it! I mixed it up by attending a Masego concert, but I ramped it back up by attending a few of the infamous Kosmic Vision, Black Hills Events, and Kazakuta AfroHouse events throughout Lisboa. I ended my self-guided “AfroMusic Tour” at the Tribute to AfroHouse Festival.  

Live Music

No matter what time of year, there’s no shortage of events to choose from. Venues like BLeza, Damas, Fabrica Braço de PrataBota Anjos, and several others like them offer live music weekly. You can find even more at local cafes, bars, and gastro pubs all over the city. Lisbon also has a vibrant cultural community with events like Filho Unico LisboaWako Kungo Sessions, and many others that host monthly series featuring artists from around the world who share the historical sounds of Africa, the Caribbean, and Brazil. And if you’re feeling brave, you can even join an open mic night.

Lisbon is an amazing city with good vibes and live music at every turn. If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable musical experience, I highly recommend exploring Lisbon’s vibrant Afro-Music scene. You won’t be disappointed!

Your Turn Now

Thinking about planning your own music tour through Portugal? Do it. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips for planning your own “AfroMusic Lisbon Tour”:

  • Start with a little research beforehand to learn about the different genres and artists. Make a list of your favs.
  • Check out the event calendars of local clubs, venues, and community boards to see what’s happening during your visit. Search the #hashtags #Whattodoinlisbon #LivemusicinLisbon and hashtag any of the genres you like (ie. #amapiano #afrobeats) 
  • Map out the destinations and hit the road to try and catch a live performance of one of your favorites.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask locals for recommendations. We’re always happy to share our favorite spots.
  • Some of the festivals are ALL DAY, so dress comfortably and be prepared to dance! AfroMusic is all about moving and having fun. 
  • Enjoy the moment.  Even if you’re solo – don’t worry, you’ll make a few new friends.

I hope this inspires you to experience the magic of AfroMusic throughout Lisbon on your terms.  


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