Three Bucket List Destinations in Portugal That Will Blow Your Mind


Vacations are a great idea and are always welcome by most. But as with most things, you’d want to get the most value out of your vacation. With rising international travel prices threatening the average wanderlust, the destination has to offer the right amount of adventure, character, and flair. We know three spots that fit the bill perfectly, so let’s tell you about it:

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) along the northeastern coast of Australia and is home to the very depths of marine biodiversity and vibrant coral ecosystems. It’s also a World Heritage Site, which makes it a no-brainer for would-be travelers who simply want to dive head-first into a mesmerizing underwater realm.

But the real reason you should be packing your bags for the Great Barrier Reef is due to its recent ecological status. The destination is experiencing severe ecological transformations, and in 2024, it’s going through its worst coral bleaching occurrence on record. No one knows for sure what this means for the destination’s future, from an environmental standpoint at least. 

Traveling to the Great Barrier Reef will give you the opportunity to see these things first-hand. The trip might even allow you to better understand how the Reef is constantly changing, and what that change brings to the marine organisms living in it. 

Machu Picchu

An aerial shot of the beautiful village by the mountain captured in Machu Picchu, Peru

If you’d like to take a break from ecological activism, especially during your vacation, Machu Picchu is as good a getaway destination as it comes. The Peruvian destination is truly a marvel of ancient engineering and a testament to the ingenuity of the Inca civilization – worthy of any bucket list, in our books.

History buffs will find a special likeness to Machu Picchu, as every stone and vista seem to tell a story, from the famed Inca Trail to the Sacred Valley. Beyond that, you’d love the place even more for its nostalgic value – as travelers will like to tell you.

The best time to visit the destination is now, as the opportunity isn’t as commonplace as it used to be. With its World Heritage Site designation, Peruvian authorities are seeking more sustainable tourism and to better conserve Machu Picchu in the coming days. What does that mean for dear travelers today? Only 4,500 tickets will be available in 2024. Bookings would have to come in well beforehand.

Another tidbit you must know is that re-entries are no longer allowed in Machu Picchu. That has been so since 2021, and one can only imagine how these rules will get tighter in the future. You might want to grab that Machu Picchu ticket as soon as you can find one.

The Serengeti

A group of elephants under the big green tree in the wilderness

The plains of Serengeti call you, how would you answer its vastness? It should come as no surprise that the Serengeti National Park ranks high on our bucket list destinations for 2024. Travelers almost always stand awed at the vast expanse of savanna stretching across northern Tanzania and extending into southwestern Kenya.

This is the quintessential African wilderness. It’s a place where the rhythm of life beats to the footsteps of millions of wildebeests galloping their age-old migration, and the golden grasslands shimmering under the African sun. It’s truly wonderful if we do say so ourselves.

With the Great Wildebeest’s 2024-2025 migration about to kick into gear, you’d do well to book that travel ticket right away. If you time your departure right, you get to enjoy one of the new safari lodges that will start operations later this year

Getaway travels to a bucket-list destination are always a great idea. Whether it’s to be closer to nature, explore new terrains, or just pure fun, Getaway travels have to mean something to you.

The Great Barrier Reef, Machu Picchu, and the Serengeti are the top destinations on our list for 2024. That’s due to a delectable combination of awesome scenery, ecological significance, and hot demand. You’ll be getting your full money’s worth on these destinations, for sure.

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