6-Day, 5-Night Group Adventure in Paris

Step into the vibrant mosaic of Paris! From its rich tapestry of diverse souls to mesmerizing views, every corner holds a surprise.


Booking closes: April 1, 2024


Step into the vibrant mosaic of Paris! From its rich tapestry of diverse souls to mesmerizing views, every corner holds a surprise. Join us, along with a curated group of adventurers, as we dive heart-first into the beating essence of the fabled ‘City of Lights.’ Be enchanted. Be inspired. Be there.

Sneak peek into France

What's included

  • Accommodation / Lodging
  • Events & Activities
  • Food & Beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Transportation
  • Professional Photographer

What's not included

  • SightSeeing


Is a COVID test necessary before I travel?
You only need a COVID test if your destination demands it. Even if you're vaccinated, certain places may still ask for a negative COVID result upon arrival. Travelers must bear all testing expenses and be ready to display their results when requested, including to airlines and other service providers.
Is vaccination necessary for travel?
Although Black in Portugal doesn't mandate vaccination for travelers, certain destinations might, based on the country you're visiting. Full vaccination is achieved two weeks after the final dose, whether it's the second dose of a two-dose regimen or the only dose of a single-dose vaccine. These vaccination mandates can change according to government regulations and safety protocols.
What other changes can I expect on my trip?
Parts of your journey may be influenced by local guidelines, leading to businesses functioning with limited hours or capacity. In certain instances, modifications to the itinerary might be necessary. We will inform travelers of any restrictions or changes before setting off.
Is travel insurance necessary?
While it's not mandatory, we strongly advise obtaining comprehensive, "cancel for any reason" travel insurance to guarantee your coverage throughout the journey. While we usually offer a curated list of insurance options, the onus of securing such insurance rests with you.
Travel Documentation and Health Guidelines
Every traveler is obligated to possess all essential travel and health documents prior to departure. The expenses associated with obtaining such documents or fulfilling health requirements aren't covered in the Trip's quoted price. Each traveler is responsible for these costs. Black in Portugal holds no liability if you are denied entry into any country or transport due to a lack of necessary documentation or because of policies set by your own government regarding your trip's destination(s). If such denial leads to fines or other financial penalties on Black in Portugal, you are expected to cover these costs. Even if a delay permits you to cancel a specific transportation method (like flights, trains, buses, etc.) with the respective provider, it doesn't give you the right to terminate your trip with us or any part of it. Black in Portugal will not provide any refunds or compensation for transportation disruptions or cancellations, ticket downgrades, or boarding denials. All our travelers have a responsibility to themselves and others around them. We strongly encourage everyone to adhere to local regulations, laws, and our health guidelines to ensure a pleasurable group experience while mitigating COVID-19 risks. Furthermore, each destination comes with its own health screening, testing, and vaccination prerequisites for entry, exit, and transit. It's the traveler's duty to check the official government websites of their chosen destination(s) to confirm they fulfill the necessary entry conditions, which could include recent COVID-19 test results or vaccination proof. Travelers also need to be aware of testing and health screening requirements for their return journey, transiting countries, and re-entry to their home country.
If I change, Is a Refund Possible?
Crafting these experiences requires meticulous planning, as preparations begin months before your scheduled arrival. When you contribute towards your trip, we correspondingly settle our commitments with vendors for your lodgings, activities, and other arrangements. This is why we request early notification if you intend to cancel. Kindly give us a minimum of 60 days' notice for cancellations. With sufficient prior notice, we offer alternatives such as hassle-free trip transfers, credits for upcoming journeys, and more. We acknowledge that unexpected scenarios can arise, so we STRONGLY advise investing in travel insurance to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances.

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