Why Parque das Nações?


Parque das Nações is a very unique section of Lisbon known for its modernity. It was developed for the Expo 98 World’s Fair.  It features a major bus terminal, a major train station, and a metro stop (Oriente).  Attractions include the Oceanarium (Oceanario de Lisboa) the Altice Arena (where Madonna recently held a concert) the Vasco da Gama Mall, and tons of excellent restaurants and amenities. For those who love walking along the Teju River, Parque das Nações has a beautiful river walk that features gondola lift cable cars. Streets and avenues are very well organized with street signs on every corner.

The feel of Parque das Nações is very cosmopolitan and contemporary. Real estate is at the higher end. It does not have the charm and character of older sections of Lisbon, but for those who enjoy living in an area that’s well developed and well organized, with beautiful modern European architecture, Parque das Nações has tons to offer.  Access to central Lisbon via the metro, train, and bus is very easy and convenient. The possibility of lovely walks on city streets, or along the Teju River, also makes it very attractive.  Just about anything you may need, (including a major hospital, supermarkets, and movie theaters) is located here. Parque das Nações is very flat, making walking very easy. On the downside, the cost of apartment rentals and properties has increased dramatically in the last two years, and it doesn’t have the old-world charm of downtown Lisbon.  

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Some of our favorite spots in the area include our best-loved restaurants such as “The Old House,” for Chinese cuisine; “Total”, for very unique pizza with a variety of homemade dough options; “La Mafia se Sienta a la Mesa, for Italian cuisine; and “Tacho de Pescador” for Portuguese cuisine (to name a few). Check out culinary havens in Lisbon. Restaurant options are abundant in Parque das Nações, and the Vasco de Gama Tower is quite the spot for a cocktail with an amazing view. For anyone seeking modernity, with easy access to old-world charm, Parque das Nações may be their best option. 


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